March 2017
Lake Gairdner South Australia.
Along with mates Con Maltzis and Steve McGrath we have successfully ran the new bike. The bike is rock steady in a variety of conditions and loves the salt. There was no bodywork, ballast or dashboard but we still managed to get 209mph (333kph) on the 3rd run. After that it rained but we had one more run and still achieved 203mph

Feb 2014

Work is now beginning in earnest on the new bike. New custom frame designed, engine 1 is ready with engine 2 (spare) still to be completed. Concept for the new bike is based around kneeler style, hub centre front end, engine at the rear. Will use wind tunnel data and models to determine final shape

Sep 21 2011
Day 3 has finished on a high with 2 very good passes averaging 261.243mph (420.429kph). We did have to wait for the winds to subside and turn the bike around in 30 minutes before the opportunity was lost. This places A-Ward racing at the top of all open bike records in the world and is the first record over 260mph for an open bike. This could not have been achieved without the fantastic support from A-Ward, Jason Swan, Leonard Handley and many more key folk that make up the crew. 


Sep 20 2011
Day 2 is over and we are progressively getting faster and are within 1mph of the world FIM record. Track is drying and bike running great and weather forecast clear although the winds can come and go without warning. 

Sep 13 2011
We are back at the salt testing the bike at World of Speed in preparation for the Cook Shootout. So far we have had an epic 2 weeks preparing the bike and making lots of changes mainly around handling geometry and suspension. So far the bike is running like a dream and each run is getting quicker. We  have a range of bodywork to try out as well so at this point the workload will remain very high but the salt condition is OK and weather holding out so we are happy

Great video from Lou Fischer - BONNEVILLE 2009

July 2010
The bike is now on the water heading for California USA due to arrive 1st week in August. Accompaning the bike is Norm Hardinges 200mph Hot Rod, Greg Watters turbo 750 Suzuki and Shane Gaghans GSXR.
2010 bike showing a couple of this years mods in relation to new rear wheel and fairing improvements


BUB Speed Trials 2009
After all the preparation for salt racing the one thing you cant control is the condition of the salt. We arrived at the BUB meet with high expectations after our good runs at Speedweek. Unfortunately the bike runs really fast on hard salt but fails to hook up on wet salt.
Throughout the week we battled and pushed hard and the best we managed was a timed mile of 238.9mph (382kph) although we did log 400kph at one point but got hot and slowed up before the timed mile.

Speedweek - August 2009 
Not a bad week considering it was only supposed to be a test for the BUB event in 2 weeks time.
I arrived in LA with crew of Kempy and Steve Murphy, collected our luggage and huge SUV and headed over to John Noonans pad to pick up a couple of rims. John was great and after showing us around and kindly throwing in some freebies we headed up to San Jose. In San Jose we met up with Bonneville Butch at Mike Ackatiffs' yard where Butch shaved 60% off the tread on 2 rears and one front tyre (Michellin Power).
From there we spent the next few days driving, collecting fuel, camper and meeting up with the container at Wendover.
Jason Swan arrived to join us and the turbo 750 team - Greg Watters, Jim Higgins, Mick, Kim Krebs, Bones and Ev
Once we had set up and teched the bike we headed down to the start line. 1st run was bad as bike died before mile 1 due to feul pump relay failure. next attempt was more successfull but plagued by very bad handling and slippery salt.
We progressively made changes and crept up the speed after each run until we qualified for our class record of 243mph with a run of 245mph. The following morning we headed back out and backed the run with a 249mph (398kph) and bumped the record to 247.5mph - another feather in the cap for AWARD Racing
The following morning we were keen to really test the cooling and try to get some full throttle logging. By 9.30 the return runs had finished and we were good to go. I took off and fed the throttle to test the traction and it felt reasonably hooked so kept  pushing hard through all gears and crunched into a full 'tuck'. The bike stayed hooked up all the way to mile 4 when it found the 'wall', spun the rear tyre, big weave and bounced off the rev limiter so I eased off a bit through the next mile and slowly wound down.
I knew it had been a good run but did not expect to have broken through 260mph - the first ever open bike at Bonneville to go that fast. 
After checking the bike over and finding everything was sweet we decided to pack her away to save it for the next event. 

Timing slip and AA licence for 250mph up to 300mph


June 2009

The A-Ward team have been joined by 5 more land-speed bike racers from around Australia to deal to the American dominance at Bonneville. The ANZAC Challenge will be to take all class records that the bikes are entered in at the BUB Speed Trials in September at the Bonnevlle Salt Flats.
1. A-WARD RACING Suzuki Hayabusa 1300cc Turbo
    Rider = Richard Assen
   Top speed in 2008 was 250mph
 year in a row and holds Class Records in AMA–239mph and SCTA-248mph    rd   Going to Bonneville for the 3
Greg Watters – Suzuki GSXR 750 Turbo. 2

   Entered in FIM class - Div B, type 2 ,Class 11 (1350cc, Blown, Partially Streamlined) 
   Greg currently holds SCTA and AMA records over 200mph on his other GSXR 750cc Turbo bike.
   This year Greg will be aiming to take the FIM record which is less than 200mph so has a very strong chance
Steve Burns – Honda CB600RR Turbo 3.

   His class is - Div B, type 2, Class 9 (750cc, Blown, Partially Streamlined)
    Rider = Wayne Mitchell 

   Will be riding in FIM (World Record Class) for Blown 600cc.    Wayne will need to exceed 200mph to beat record. Very possible considering the bike is producing 200hp

4. Terry Prince - 1953 Vincent Sidecar
     Riders = Terry Prince and Dave''Bones'' McLachlan
    Terry will Ride in class SC- MVF 1350cc
    He has the OZ record on Gas at 113 mph with a sick motor and the fuel record at 138mph 
    The record in this class is AMA 102mph, “with the help of the Gods of speed we should get a good speed at Bonneville”. 
    Bones will ride in the SC-MVPF he has only had one test run so far.

5. Evelyne Schlotz - Yamaha VMAX

April 6th 2009
We missed the racing in South Australia this year due to salt conditions and tight timelines but this has given us valuable prep time for Bonneville 2009.

I have just completed building up engine #2 for the bike which should be a bit stronger and more powerful but retaining the same 1300cc to stay in the class. This engine will be shipped to NZ where the bike is and an engine transplant and dynotune will hopefully provide us the necessary improvements we need. Engine #1 will be rebuilt to the same spec and be the back-up motor for Bonneville should things go bang

We have now completed 2 sessions in the Wind Tunnel at the University of Auckland. This revealed turbulent areas that needed some laminar treatment - fairing modifications. A complete new fairing has now been built and will be fitted to the bike shortly before another test in the tunnel to see if the mods worked


September 26th 2008

Have arrived back in Melbourne now and straight back to work and normal life

The World of Speed was a great event for the team and we managed quite a few runs with the new turbo being dialled in and tuned for the motor.

The first shakedown run we ran a 235mph at 60% throttle so not bad for starters

As we progressed through the next day we ran a 246mph and thought we had qualified for a record but were told that the records had not been updated since August and we were too slow to qualify.

We promptly changed classes (after a few mods) and went back out and ran a 247mph qualifying for a 242mph record. The following morning we backed it up with a 249mph meaning an average speed of 248mph. We are now officially in the SCTA record books and gained a 200mph club membership to boot.

Now back to the drawing board to make the mods necessary for the next years events - modify cooling system, more horses etc etc.


September 9th 2008

Well, we have just had one huge week at the BUB event - little sleep and plenty of drama, speed and excitement.

On the first day we were setting up the pit area and loading data to the ECU when my laptop got a spike and fried - oops. Simon Ward (our sponsor)and his wife and baby joined us along with Ronnie Stayte from Australia. Also in the pit area with us was Greg Watters and Mick with their 750cc turbo GSXR and Fireman Jim from California.

The actual speed trials began on the 2nd Sep and our first shakedown run at 192mph was a little lumpy with the engine missing quite badly. Over the next 2 days Jason worked his magic on the tuning and by the end of day 2 we had broken the AMA record for the class from 217mph to 225mph. The next day - more boost - we ran a mid 230's and people started to take notice. Unfortunately there was an incident with a liner in the afternoon where Cliff lost his life and the tracks closed for the day so we never had a chance to back the run up. The following morning we shot out early and ran a 237mph on the down run and backed it up later in the day with a return of 242mph through the mile to lift the record a bit higher.

All through the week we had been having problems getting adequate cooling to the undertail radiator and so we were experimenting a lot with deflection plates etc to get more air through it. We realised to do serious speeds we will need to do the full length of the long track - 10 miles and have the cooling cope. On the morning of the 6th we headed out early and started at the zero mile. I eased into it for the first mile and then started really nailing it and tucked in as tight as possible. By the time I entered the timed mile the dash displayed 401kph and 10 seconds later 409kph at the exit - the bike was reasuringly stable throughout the run with no serious wheelspin or fishtailing - unlike some previous runs. This was a huge moment for the team as the official timeslip showed 250.035 mph through the flying kilometer - wow the dream has been realised.

we decided not to back the run up as we had taken too long to get back to impound after cooling the bike off at the end of the run.

We are now preparing for World of speed in a weeks time

August 28th 2008

The crate carrying the bike and all the supplies has been delivered to Mike Ackatiff's yard in San Jose where we will collect it after we arrive Friday afternoon. We have sourced a new larger turbocharger to fit up should we need more horsepower.In addition to that we have a range of performance spares and a second engine for parts should the motor break. We are starting to get a bit pumped now in anticipation after 12 months of preparation, blood sweat and tears. We hear the salt is as hard and dry as it has ever been in the last 30 years so conditions are very favorable for some fast times

 July 2008 



New promo photos shot by Graham Park at the Lynton Crabb studio in Melbourne showing the great A-WARD Graphics

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