The New Bike
This project began in the workshop under the house in 2013
The frame is designed and built from scratch using chrome moly.
The old Bike Build-up-2

This project began in the shed in November of 2005 with a standard 2004 Suzuki Hayabusa. Since then we have transformed the fastest production motorcycle money can buy into one of the most powerful land speed racers in the world.


The classification for the bike, MPS-1350-BG means: Modified Production, Partially Streamlined, 1350cc, Blown Gasoline. This category is where the fastest ever sit-on motorcycles are entered and consequently carries some of the largest portions of media coverage and interest.



The engine of the bike has been completely built up using the highest spec components available from around the world. These include JE turbo pistons, Carrillo rods, APE heavy duty cylinder and crankcase studs, APE heavy duty clutch kit, TTS 12% overdriven 6th gear, APE 65lb valve springs and many more items.

The bike runs a Turbonetics 400hp turbo flowing into the largest custom intercooler built for a bike. The plenum chamber and a huge swathe of other items have been designed and built in the shed.

Engine management is via an Autronic SM4 ECU and Autronic ignition unit.

The bike also has traction control options through the ECU




The frame has had 5 rake added to the headstock and 6 extensions to the swingarm. We carry around 70kg of lead weight on and inside the swingarm to assist with traction.

The bodywork is custom made and has been designed specifically for land speed racing



The bike has been extensively tuned using a Dyno Dynamics dynometer by Jason Swan from Auckland Performance Tuning in Papakura, NZ. The power produced is a reliable and genuine 400 rwhp at 25psi boost. Water injection is added at high rpm to assist with cooling the intake charge which flows at over 750cfm


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