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September 2008 Bonneville (
Utah, USA) World of Speed
Another big week with 8 runs - all over 200mph - 4 over 240mph. Set a new SCTA Class record of 248mph - up from 243mph. Cooling an issue on the long course and restricts how long I can hold full throttle

August 2008 Bonneville (Utah, USA) Speed Trials by BUB
A big week with 9 runs - 7 over 200mph - 3 over 240mph. Fastest bike all week until the last day but still suffering cooling issues on the long track. Set an AMA record of 238mph -
up from 217mph. Salt conditions excellent. Top speed 250mph through the kilo but a cyl head stud nut broke causing gasket blow-by and required a head re-work before World of Speed. Decided to fit the bigger turbo too.

March 2008 - Lake Gairdner event cancelled again


September 2007 Bonneville (Utah, USA) World of Speed

This event was well run and includes all types of vehicles. Over the course of the week we managed a total of 5 runs. There is a lot of time between runs due to cleaning the bike (getting rid of the salt), making the necessary mods, queueing in the heat etc. The fastest run for us during the week was 221mph (353kph) and we achieved fastest bike of the event. Unfortunately we struggled with traction and engine cooling issues and would have done a lot better had it not been for these issues. Saying that, for the effort we still received a great trophy in recognition for the fastest bike time.WOS


August 2007 Bonneville (Utah, USA) Speed Trials by BUB
Huge amount of effort required to organise the shipping and FIM requirements for this event but worth every penny. This is a big event with bikes only and has entrants from all over the globe as well as the big streamliner bikes aiming for the ultimate speed record for bikes. By now the Assentec bike has been heavily Bub-Speed-Trialsmodified to take high boost pressures and sustained full throttle runs. Squeezed in 5 runs during the event with the fastest time being 205mph. This was a huge learning curve for setting the bike up properly for the salt and only broke the 200mph mark on the last run.

March 2007 Lake Gairdner event was cancelled due to wet lake so the decision was made to go to Bonneville.

March 2006 Lake Gairdner (South Australia) DLRA Speed TrialsLake-gairdner

1st time on the salt with the bike and managed a total of 5 runs with a fastest time of 186mph (300kph). The engine was bog standard so ran low boost on the turbo and engine management was with an Autronic SMC unit and MSD DIS4 ignition module.

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