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Welcome to our website where you can become acquainted with the fascinating sport of motorcycle land speed racing

2021 - DLRA Speedweek. One run @213mph naked before weather killed the show. New bodywork ready to be tested
2018 - DLRA Speedweek. Fastest bike (sit on bike) of the event. New record of 227mph without bodywork!
Off season will be spent preparing bodywork and drive system for 2019

2017 - we have kicked off with the new bike well into test phase after 4 years of design and construction. 1st event attended was at the DLRA Speedweek at Lake Gairdner South Australia. A fantastic event and good salt (until it rained)
4 runs in total - 117mph, 179mph, 209mph, 203mph

On September 21st 2011 after 5 years of development the A-Ward Attachments Racing team set the fastest ever record for an open bike at the famed Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. with a down run of 263.5 mph (424.2 kph) and a return of 258.9 mph (416.7 kph) giving an average of 261.2 mph (420.429 kph) - 
Assentecracing 2011 video


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